New Snapback Caps in Grey/Lime and Blue/Red out now!

Manufactured with a new UV coated material which preserves colour and resists sweat/salt staining. Best choice to keep your head shaded and stay cool in any situation.

More info


New ideas require new solutions, and with the trend of hike and fly gliders becoming smaller, packing volume also reduces. Introducing the new AirDesign AirPack 50/50. The 50/50 is the lightest concertina bag on the market.

Weighing in at a tiny 160grams, and produced with durable and breathable materials, the 50/50’s smart design supports reduced packing volume, and most importantly, lower overall pack weight.

More infos about the AirPack 50/50 and size chart you will find here


Show your attitude with the ALTIDUDE  T-Shirts. Lime print in front and on the shoulder at the back on 100% dark grey cotton T-Shirt
Available in sizes XS-XL.

More infos here


The HERO redefines the class of ultralight high-performance gliders. High top speed combined with precise handling characteristics. With size small weighing in at less than 3 kg, it's also the lightest glider in class.

Designed for the versatility and limitless combinations of Hike & Fly and XC, the HERO is the attractive choice for competition pilots, vol-biv enthusiasts, and backcountry adventurers.

Double mini A-Line attachments, in combination with Shark-Nose design technology provide the HERO with increased stability, especially under acceleration. The HERO brings an impressive speed range to the table, and is optimised for top-end speed and glide.

More info


The AirDesign DONUT rescue system combines the positive characteristics from both square and annular (round) rescues. The DONUT is cut like a square canopy, but in the air presents more like that of a traditional annular. Subsequently, packing is still as simple as with conventional round rescue systems.

In many drop-tests, we simulated real-life flight behaviour. The DONUT maintains its demonstrated safe and stable characteristics, even after repetitive tests and water landings.

• Fast opening
• Low oscillation, high stability
• Low sink rate
• Simple packing
• Low weight

More info


Check out the dates of all our testivals on our facebook event page. There you will see the latest list of all testivals and events we are organizing. We are also updating the status of the event if the weather is changing and we have to cancle it.


b_20_0_16777215_00_images_icons_facebook-logo.png www.facebook.com/AirDesignGliders


Beside the testivals we are organizing you always can check with your local dealer for a testwing. They are more than happy to organize a testflight for you!




During the development of the UFO, product longevity was a foremost consideration for us at AirDesign. Due to the fact that there is no supporting lower sail, the internal ribs are supporting higher loads, compared to that of conventional gliders. As with normal glider material, this internal rib material is equally susceptible to ageing, however, these ribs are normally located inside the glider - well protected from upper and lower sail. Keeping this in mind, we have supported all ribs with extra edging tape. The amount of extra work in production associated with applying this feature is similar to sewing a conventional glider with a bottom surface. Quality is important to us, and we did not want to dilute our high manufacturing standards.

You will find edging tapes on the trailing edge as well as in on the nose area of the glider. We could have easily just flipped the edge over and sewn it together, but using an edging tape actually also provides a benefit by keeping the exact tension required.

These features pose to increase in product weight, but are absolutely necessary to sustain and guarantee safety and durability on a long term basis.


When undertaking recent load testing of the UFO Bi Tandem glider, we wanted to find the limits of this style of construction. Therefore, we told the testing house to go as fast with the testing car as possible - so we could see  identify any possible weak point when the glider tore apart.  For all itents and purposes, we actually intended to destroy the glider. Funnily enough though, and to the surprise of all involved, this was not possible. The vehicle simply ran out of tarmac before the load was too high to break the glider.  After extensive inspection, not even one stitch or attachment point was damaged. The peak of the load test was over 2000kg. To put that into perspective, that would support a certified max weight of 247kg on a glider. This further proves the durability of our design concept.

Drag is a killer to speed and glide performance. That's why on the UFO you will note approximately 130m less overall line length than any other single surface glider on the market, highlighting how we can achieve the same performance with the lowest aspect ratio , and this makes sense when you are analysing the scope of application. Small and rocky launch sites in alpine areas - the less lines that can tangle around sharp objects, the better.

Due to the low aspect ratio, even very small launch sites can be utilised for take off.  In fact, that's one of the core advantages of a single surface glider - to launch where a conventional glider with regular aspect ratio cannot.

The UFO has accomplished wide - spread recognition and favour throughout the hike & fly community, as well as with alpinists as a reliable and safe glider with the highest standard of quality.

We are looking forward to refining and developing this concept further with our own single surface R&D team.


To the UFO product site


Michaela Brandstätter (VOLT2 Superlight) has now claimed the title of World Champion of Cross Country Paragliding (Sports and Open Class)!

FAI Ranking
Xcontest Ranking

The overriding characteristics of the VOLT2 SL are best described as extremely balanced, rock-solid handling, demonstrating excellent glide and full speed, with impressive climbing ability.

We designed this glider for cross country pilots who want to push their personal limits without the concern of over-demanding behaviour from a high-performance sports class wing. On long distance flights, every pilot faces complex challenges requiring the need for concise and effective decision making. AirDesign comfort in flight supports your ability to race hard and to keep focused during these tasks.

Michaela was achieving her true potential throughout this season. Starting with a 110km flight in Bassano in March, a 150km FAI triangle in May, and a 222km FAI PB two weeks later from Grente, South Tyrol. This flight is still under verification as a world record. Following that flight, Michaela knew that she would return to Grente more frequently, and subsequently switched from the standard VOLT2 to the Superlight variant. When asked about her recent and most impressive flight of the season, Michaela answered, "I discovered the main alpine ridge off the beaten track, and just never gave up".

On 27th of August she launched from Speikboden, but weather conditions didn't support the 'classic route'. As a result, Michaela and Robert Haider decided to fly northern direction main ridge-line. It was not the longest flight, but they were rewarded with an impressive panorama and overwhelming memories of good times in the air.

Congratulations from all of us at AirDesign, Michi!


We at AirDesign are mindful that the concept of hike and fly is a huge motivation to learn paragliding. We also recognise that it's now the fastest evolving sub-genre of the sport, and embrace the growing complement of pilots enjoying paragliding hike and fly.

Following school training, the VITA2 SL is the perfect choice for those with adventure in mind.

With a glider weight starting from 3,1 kg (size XXS) and offering an exceptionally small packing volume, the new VITA2 SL is the perfect addition to our Superlight range, nestled between the EAZY SL (EN-A) and RISE2 SL (EN-B+).

Due to the glider's reduced weight, launch behaviour is excellent - and pilots will notice a slight yet crisp increase in steering precision and agility, matched with our trademark 'comfort in flight'. Finished in the proven, ultra durable double-coated Porcher Skytex 27g, and featuring a 12mm compact riser set with fully unsheathed lines, the VITA2 exhibits neutral feel above without any tendency for nervous pitch/yaw. As alpine weather conditions can change quickly, the VITA2's performance, impressive glide characteristics and passive safety are the perfect tools to unlock new adventures - wherever they may be.


Pilots with a very small take-off weight will find the their next glider with AirDesign's new VITA2 XXS (50-65 kg) and XS (60-75 kg). These sizes have been very well received with our flagship EN-A EAZY glider, and it was a logical step for us to continue to support this sizing platform for those also taking their next step up into the entry B category.

The VITA2 XXS offers a projected area of 16,2m², ensuring an appropriate wing loading for lighter pilots, and is currently the smallest certified low-end B glider in the sky.

In comparison to other offerings within the current market segment, the VITA2 XXS showcases a 2m² smaller projected area. This not only demonstrates competitive performance in stronger wind situations, but ensures that the glider feels more solid, stable and offers more precise handling and reaction responsiveness to pilot input. This excellent wing loading ensures that the VITA2 also offers greater passive safety, as exhibited by more collapse resistant behaviour than a comparable wing that could be regarded as underloaded for those lighter weighted pilots.

At AirDesign, we strive to cater for a greater range of pilot weight in order to expand the opportunity for all to share the beauty and fun of our sport!

The VITA2 XXS is now certified, comes in three standard colours, as well as those offered within our custom colour picker.

Contact your local AD distributor for a test flight.


New Skinfit Hike&Fly Altitude World Record with Pascal Purin- 9540 meters of altitude with in one day!

Saturday 18th June - 3am! Pascal Purin heads off for the first time up to the Elferhütte in Stubaital. He achieved this climb of 1060 Altitude meters in just 1 hour 15 minutes, and repeated this 9 times! During these climbs he had an average pulse of just 135 beats per minute - this shows just how well and intensive Pascal prepared for this World Record.Descents were his well deserved ‘breaks’ with his ultra lightweight single-surface paraglider - the UFO.
The weather was very changeable, and the whole event was constantly under the threat of cancellation. Pascal had to often conquer the climb in pouring rain. Luckily however, it almost always cleared up each time he arrived at the launch site at 2030 altitude meters.
On the eighth round, he had to sit out a storm that had rolled over the ElferHütte – which was at about 6pm.
At the landing site, about 50 spectators were there, cheering him on, waiting on confirmation of the previous record of 8860 meters being broken.
As soon as the rain subsided, he could finally start again. Following his landing, he was still so fit that he commenced his 9th round - running!
Congratulations Pascal from all of us at AirDesign on your incredible, superhuman achievement!!

The video documentation you find here



The first ever certification of a single surface wing UFO 21 (75-90 kg) has been a worldwide sensation!
We are now proud to announce the certification of the UFO size 18 (60-80 kg).

The UFO 18 has been certified LTF/EN-C.

Itis the perfect tool for alpine use – lowest weight in combination with small packing volume.By now achieving EN-B certification, we can now officially declare the everyday suitability of this incredible glider.

An important certification detail is that only the brake travel was certified EN-C (NOTE: There is no B-ranking for the brake travel in the norm of classification – only A or C rankings are on the current scale!).

All other manoeuvres are within EN-A or EN-B norm!

We consider the wing loadings more like a recommendation than a rule – as even with higher weight loadings, the UFO is easy and safe to fly. Agility and speed will increase and the wing feels more like a mini-wing. Flying within the EN weight range, the UFO feels like flying a low-level EN-B wing.

Additional outstanding characteristics, like smallest packing volume and easiest launching abilities also highlight the versatility and practicality of the UFO 18.

More info about speed and ideal loading as well as any other production information can be found > here

The UFO 21 can be flown at a range of 75-90 kg within EN-B, UFO 18 from 60-80 kg. Up to 120 kg both sizes have achieved EN-926-1 (load-tested certification).

Here you will find our UFO Video

Also Pascals Testing video of the UFO 21

More infos on the glider on our product page


Beside the size M (85- 105kg) AirDesign has certified the sizes S (70-90 kg)  & L (100-125 kg) now and is available in 3 standard and custom colours.

Positioned at the lower end of the EN-B category, the VITA2 combines agility, performance and fun with high-level safety.
Never before has flying been this easy and relaxed than with the new VITA2. With the simplest starting behaviour, direct handling, combined with top-level stability providing the highest comfort level available in flight.

Perfect for the entry into the EN-B class, or for relaxed, stress-free XC flights – the VITA2 offers something for all.

Here the full length video

More infos of the glider on our product page



Robert Haider - 3 days - 25 hrs. airtime - 3 FAI triangles - 524 FAI km

Robert was showing some msucles last weekend, a very constant performance! The VOLT 2 SL is the perfect race machine in these windy and difficult to fly conditions he reported!

Read the full report here on the Chronicles of Freeflight

http://www.XContest.org/Austria/fluge/fluginformationen: rhaider/6.5.2016/08:44
http://www.XContest.org/Austria/fluge/fluginformationen: rhaider/7.5.2016/08:25
http://www.XContest.org/Austria/fluge/fluginformationen: rhaider/8.5.2016/07:58


Reto Reiser - 28 km/h avarage speed on a 163 FAI triangle

 He was not flying a Comp wing no he flew the fastest triangle this day with his VOLT 2! All though there was a lot of wind this day he could beat even higher rated wings. Well done and we are looking forward to see more flights like this!




Podium at Boardairline

Congratulation to Pascal Purin - he became second at the Borderline Competition in Tolmin. " Partly very strong wind conditions with strong thermals with high cloud base! The glide of my new wing is impressive and in comparison to other participants I had an advantage with my PURE 3!"

Here the results:


Podium at the italian league 

Congratulation Giuseppe Mastromichele for your place on the podium at the italian league in Meduno! The weather conditions with strong winds were difficult to fly. He reports that the PURE 3 has an obvious difference in speed, glide and climbing behaviour. Well done & way to go Jo!

Here the results:


More infos to the PURE 3 here



Some might have wondered when the other sizes of the PURE2 were being released.  Now the sizes SM, M, & L of the PURE3 are certified!

During the test and development phases for these other sizes, we were able to find many new innovations and improvements. These improvements have enabled us to make the PURE2 an even better wing. It was a difficult decision, but we have elected instead of certifying the remaining sizes that we would recertify the PURE2 M and evolve it to the next level. Enter the PURE3.

So what improvements will you find on the PURE3?
Even more agile handling and reduced brake pressure, allowing the wing to now turn with a more constant and balanced turning arc.
Improved gliding in moving air. This is noticeable especially in headwind and unsteady air environments. And the PURE3 is around 2-3kmh faster fully accelerated.

Got you interested? More Infos here


“Is the EN-Norm conclusive for single surface wings, or has the UFO been pushed into this norm?”

Stephan Stiegler: “Even before the certification phase, we´ve known that the UFO is an incredibly safe glider. The EN-Norm has just confirmed our testing and collective experiences. It´s possible to undertake all manoeuvres just as you would with any other wing: big-ears, B-stall, spirals, and they all respond as normal.

The UFO is the perfect tool for alpine use – lowest weight in combination with small packing volume.By now achieving EN-B certification, we can now officially declare the everyday suitability of this incredible glider.

Depending on the respective wing loading, the trim speed changes and so does the character of the wing:

The “green" area (see chart) – represents the ideal range for intermediate pilots. The UFO flies like a conventional glider, comparable with other low-level EN-B wings. When flown in with higher loadings, the wing flies faster and feels more like a mini-wing – increased speed, more agility, and greater overall responsiveness – aimed at more experienced pilots. Here the overview




More Info about the UFO concept here

Here the Video of the Pre-Test from the UF0 21 Proto



All sizes of VOLT 2 & VOLT 2 Superlight now with LTF/EN-C Certification!

The season is starting and the new VOLT 2 Superlight is certified in size S, SM & M. The VOLT2 is the ideal glider for XC-orientated pilots who are looking for a high-performing wing, packed to the brim with cutting-edge design technology, and is now featured in a Superlight variant.

Following the design philosophy of all Superlight models, the VOLT 2 SL is manufactured with the Porcher Skytex 27 double-coated cloth for the bottom-sail, ribs and part of the top-sail.

The VOLT2 SL features race lines, highlighting a completely new line-geometry that supports new line reduction opportunities. On each line level there are now just 2 main-lines (2A, 2B, 2C), which reduces the total line length by 10% (@size M), reduces drag, and greatly improves performance. Softlinks are provided as a factory standard, but this glider can also be ordered with regular riser maillons.

The VOLT 2 SL weighs only 3.6kg in size XS - Due to the reduced weight of the canopy, the glider inflates without effort. This feature is an important benefit for high alpine launches so you can avoid the tricky moments normally experienced with getting airborne at altitude.

VOLT 2 available in 5 sizes XS (60-75 kg) to L (100-125 kg) in 3 standard colours themes and custom colours.
VOLT 2 Superlight available in 4 sizes XS (60-75 kg) to M (85-105 kg) in 1 standard colour themes and custom colours.


Here is the fresh new AD-Snapback cap. They will keep you shaded, not jaded.

The 6-pannel Snapback with mesh has an AirDesign logo embroidered on the crown. Available in two colour combinations red/grey and black/white

Price: 24,-



Made from the durable DOKDO 30DMF  material,  the backpack weighs only 530 grams. With a volume of approx. 65 litres, the Backpack Light offers ample storage space for a full paraglide set. 

Hiking up the mountain is terrific with this lightweight back pack - but due to it’s variable size, it is also possible to do longer, bigger trips and still enough space for more equipment - for example a bivouac tour.

• The ergonomic back piece is made from a high quality breathable padding.   Extra air channel ventilation between the back cushions is very effective.

• Good balance and comfort due to straps that compress the backpack in breadth and width. Straps on the front as well as on top with draw strings.

• Maximum stability  due to the  ingenious shoulder strap system - you can even go running without the backpack shaking.

• Easy to reach bottle holder made from mesh - also useful for moist or wet clothes.

• Strap to hold Trecking poles

Price: 96,-

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