SuSi 3 – #lightgearjunkie

Setting the standard for years, the new SuSi 3 evolves again. In the third generation, new paths are being taken and the horizon is broadened

SuSi 3 – Fast, Simple & Safe!

That’s the smallest EN/LTF-B Glider in the world!

Originally, the goal was to have a simple design with the best performance possible. This is how the concept name was derived – Super Simple → SuSi! The new SuSi 3 is a hike&fly all-round glider, suitable for various pilots and applications – from basic hike&fly to extreme mountaineering and strong wind soaring. The new SuSi 3 covers all of these applications with ease.

  • Beginner 75% 75%
  • Occasional 95% 95%
  • Expert 100% 100%
  • School 25% 25%
  • Competitions (Dolomitenmann etc.) 100% 100%
  • Hike&Fly 100% 100%
  • XC 25% 25%

Pilot profile

The SuSi 3 is perfect for the low-level B pilot looking for a forgiving lightweight wing, or for those choosing to operate on the upper side of the weight range, providing the lightest and fastest equipment for extreme mountaineering or high-wind soaring conditions. The extensive weight range offered within the SuSi3 lineup provides you with all the options to choose the right size for whatever your adventure demands. We’ve developed a chart to assist you in choosing the right glider for your application.

If you are looking for basic wing behaviour from a low EN-B glider, then choose according to the fields with a green background. Those seeking fun in the blue background with higher loadings will notice the increased trim-speed, requiring greater pilot experience. The glider’s behaviour still remains predictable, and provides greater flying options, such as strong-wind soaring opportunities.

How does it fly?

The concept of Super-Simple relates not only to the construction, but even more to the flying characteristics. The SuSi 3 is one of the most forgiving and easiest wings on the market – now proven with the certification (EN-B in many sizes and loadings). Simplest launching and a rock-solid canopy which defies the roughest turbulence are just a couple of the key characteristics of the SuSi 3.

Turning response is reminiscent to playing a high-speed video game – agile and responsive. Manoeuvres – such as Big-Ears, B-Stall or Spirals – are easy to achieve and are uncomplicated.

Speed system acceleration is excellent and the glider remains ultra-stable throughout the complete bar range, extending your adventure playground. So you have a great scope for manoeuvres in your adventures.

Construction & Features

Weight: An overall optimized construction, in combination with the lightest materials made it possible to realise our smallest packing volume glider ever and reduces the glider weight dramatically – 1.85kg for the size 13 is a clear statement to the market.

Performance and Speed: A new airfoil and further improvements in the design increase performance by half a glide angle. That’s why the SuSi 3 matches (and in some cases smashes) many EN-B wings. Depending on the loading/glider size chosen, the SuSi 3 can accelerate by more than +20km/h when utilising speed-bar, resulting in a maximum top-speed of way over 60 km/h (size 14 with top parameter loading!).

Risers: As you’d expect, the new Dyneema braid style riser-set is also designed for ultra-low weight.

New Sizing: Long time requested, and now we’ve delivered. The size 13 will be the smallest and fastest size offering within the SuSi 3 range – aimed squarely at #speedjunkies. Perched at the top of the range, the 23 is the largest, focusing on the needs of the current intermediate / developing pilot.

“The SuSi 3 is really the most wicked wing I’ve ever flown. I’ve never had as much fun flying as I do now. Whether a cosy Hike & Fly or demanding competition à la Dolomitenmann; I’m perfectly equipped with the SuSi.”

-Michi Zelzer (RedBull Dolomitenmann Participant)

“For flying in the strong coastal wind, the SuSi 3 was my first choice. I am absolutely thrilled about the speed and the so unfathomably simple but totally fun, agile handling. I’ve really never had such an amazing wing! “

– Geti G. (Acro-Artist)

Construction & Features

Area flat (m2)13,6415,9518,0620,5722,99
Area projected (m2)11,7413,7215,5517,7019,79
Span flat (m)8,138,799,369,9910,56
Span projected (m)6,567,097,558,068,53
Aspect ratio flat4,854,854,854,854,85
Aspect ration projected3,673,673,673,673,67
V-TRIM/V-MAX (km/h)41/6637/6236/5735/5635/56
Weight (kg)1,862,052,292,562,81
Take-off-weight (kg)60-8750-75 (B)
75-89 (C)
50-70 (B)
70-97 (C)
60-83 (B)
83-108 (C)

• Obersegel/Top Sail/Extrados: Porcher Skytex 27 classic II
• Untersegel/Bottom Sail/Intrados: Porcher Skytex 27 classic II
• Rippen/Ribs/Cloisons: Porcher Skytex 27 hard


• Gallerieleinen/Top lines/Suspentes hautes: Edelrid 8000/U-070, 090
• Gabelleinen/Middle lines/Suspentes moyennes: Edelrid 8000/U-130, 190
• Stammleinen/Main lines/Suspentes basses: Edelrid 8000/U-190, 230, 280

EDELRID Taurus – ~3,7mm Dyneema Rope

4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea

Vortex Holes
Flex – Rods
Razor Edge
Maillon clips
Unsheathed Lines
Superlight Dyneema Risers
BS pulley Connector
B/C control

Special Colours desired?

Of Course, you can also customize this glider with the help of our configurator and order it in special colors!

your SuSi 3 – #lightgearjunkie Package


  • Glider
  • 50/50 AirPack
  • Map with Manual (USB stick)
  • Repair Materials and AirDesign Stickers