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Everesting with Raphael Kempf in Germany!

The concept of Everesting is fiendishly simple: pick any hill, anywhere in the world and ride repeats of it in a single activity until you climb 8,848m. That's exactly what Raphael decided to do, hiking up 10 times and flying down 9 times the Kreuzjoch in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with his beloved SuSi for a total of 9500 meters vertical elevation.

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Loïs Martin finished 6th at the Mont-Blanc Airtour

Loïs Martin is a french pilot passionate about hike and fly. Last autumn, he participated in the Mont-Blanc Airtour, a new event in the hike-and-fly scene organised by Rémi Bourdelle (another AirDesign team pilot!) for which we were main sponsor. Well, that's an AirDesign story!

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SuSi in Pakistan, a story by Kate Ballard

Alone in the mists I go, with only my inner compass for direction, passing Rakaposhi 7788m base camp I hike the 3 day trip in a morning. Over gaping glacier mouths and slippery scree slopes I make my way to the hidden green valley that beholds a solitary team in the magical meadows of Diran 7266m base camp, high in the Karakoram mountains.
Through the sleet dripping wet I arrive into camp a smile so wide my teeth collect the rain drops.

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“Nevia”: Sam Anthamatten in the spotlight

Our Swiss team pilot, Sam Anthamatten, strikes again with a beautiful movie released by the North Face. An experienced alpinist, mountain guide, true athlete and free rider, Sam has often been confined to supporting roles in amazing adventures. It was time to highlight his great personality and ability to combine multiple disciplines to draw the perfect line.

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Aerial silks at sunset with Agnès Gorgues

Our French office in Saint-Hilaire had the pleasure to welcome our team pilot Agnès Gorgues and her friend Joffrey Maluski with a very nice project in mind.
These two young people from the Pyrenees practice the mountains in all their forms, push barriers and realize their dreams while warning about climate change. This time, their idea was to offer a moment of suspended poetry...

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