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Flying from the Cerro Torre! With Pablo Pontoriero

The Cerro Torre is a 3000+ meters high granite needle located in windswept Patagonia. An obsession for numerous mountaineers, the Cerro Torre has long been known as the “impossible” mountain because of the permanently bad weather and strong wind. Following in the footsteps of Fabian Buhl who took-off from its summit with his SuSi 3 in 2020, our team pilot, the Argentine Pablo Pontoriero, and the Swiss mountaineers Roger Schäli and Mario Heller also took the fastest route back to El Chalten on 19/01/2022.

«Ponto I got you partners to fly from the Torre 😜» That’s the text message Pablo Pontoriero received from his friend Tomás Roy Aguiló on Wednesday 1/12. Exactly 7 days later, past noon, Pablo took off from the Cerro Torre on a perfect day of bright sunshine and calm air together with Roger Schäli and Mario Heller. Pablo tells: «I will be eternally grateful to have shared this adventure with them. They invited me without knowing me, only by references from people we knew in common. We surely have lived one of the most intense experiences of our lives. We spent 25 minutes from the top of Cerro Torre to the ground, 12 km further on and 2533 meters below!» The new UFO 18 and the light harness Le Slip were perfect to make that dream come true.