Por la premira vez, Fabian Buhl despega de la cumbre del Cerro Torre después de escalarlo, una de las cumbres menos accesibles del mundo, en la Patagonia. El ascenso ya es un gran logro, pero despegar de la cumbre es aún más impresionante. La Patagonia es conocida …

Mathieu Maynadier‘s comments, experienced alpinist, AirDesign pilot and a friend of Fabi:

«Awesome achievement from Fabi who managed to find the perfect weather window with no wind, pretty seldom specially this year. Very audacious as they were first to ascend the Ragni route. It’s a great effort with tricky route reading in the summital parts. Opening Cerro Torre’s routes is a real challenge as it requires to identify the route and do a serious cleaning work. Summiting it with a paraglider in the back, and then flying down, hats off Fabi!»

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