Stubai Cup, Samoens Testival, Oster Testival… The Testival season has begun and is far from over.

If you’d like to try out an AirDesign product, paraglider or harness, check our calendar and save the date of the event that interests you.

(Please check with our local partner to make sure the event is still on if you’re unsure about the weather forecast).

And if you can’t make yourself available, you can always organise to fly-test thanks to our dealers’ network.

In Austria

4/05. Salzburg – Flugschule Salzburg (AT)
11/05. Kirchbach – Flugschule Time Flies (AT)
18-19-20/05. Zillertal – Flying High Zillertal (AT)
24-26/05. Aflenz – Paracenter Austria (AT)
30-31/05-1-2/06. Kössen – Parashop (AT)
9-10-11/07. Westendorf Bike&Fly (AT)

In Italy

27-28/04. Bassano – Trofeo Testival (IT)
30/06. Monte Lussari (IT)

In France

27-28/04. Saint-Hilaire – Le Déco (FR)
9-10-11/05. Val Louron – le PLAF (FR)
31/05-1-2/06. Morzine – Fly Chablais (FR)
1-2/06. Luchon – la Route du vol (FR)
7-8-9/06. Thônon – CHOTO (FR)
22-23/06. Oderen -Ridair (FR)