The Sock – #KeepYourSockOn

They were laughing. He liked to talk to her about paragliding because she always had those fantastic ideas coming from nowhere. He was presenting her their new pod harness and was kind of hoping secretly that she would help to name it.

She was looking at him. He was so passionate when he talked about paragliding. His eyes were shining and she knew that he was kind of looking for her approval.

– “This harness is so comfy, it is tight everywhere, it makes me think of a climbing shoe!” He said.

– “Come on!” she interrupted him: “You cannot talk about a climbing shoe to present something as comfortable!

– “And why not?”

-“Because when I think of climbing shoes”, she made a face, “I only see painful toes, that’s why!”

He scratched his head, he looked a bit disappointed. For him, the image of the climbing shoe stuck well to the product: stiff and comfortable, and above all so precise! Yet he suddenly had this terrible vision of his feet after a multi-pitch route. She was damned right.

She could feel he was annoyed. He was thinking while looking at his feet. She noticed he was wearing mismatched socks. One was covered by bright limes, the other was blue with fluffy clouds. She looked at her socks. They were decorated with red strawberries.

She had an idea but decided to create a diversion. She kissed him and said with her sexy French accent: you can keep your socks on…

The Sock – The pod harness that fits

How to describe The Sock…

…in one word?
comficient ^^

…in one image?
This sigh of satisfaction while putting on your favorite socks

…in one dream?
Put on your sock at sunrise and keep it on until nightfall

Designer’s words…

The specifications for The Sock were as long as top model legs but we wanted a harness as simple as flip-flops. Sticking to our philosophy, The Sock is light, comfy and robust. An everyday pod harness that will take you from your all-day long XC, hike-and-fly training, XC competition to your Bivy project. The Sock is a versatile product offering the most efficient feel in the smallest packed volume.

Construction & Features

The sock-fit-concept: tight everywhere around you, but seamless, no pressure point, no blisters.
Light and robust materials for everyday, every terrain use.
Stability when you need it, authority when you want it.
High efficiency AirPillow, inflatable back protector (from thighs to upper lumbar area).
Super simple and safe 4 point clip-in system.
Stiff and comfortable 3D-shaped back (is your back full flat?).
Front rescue container with ergonomic handle prehension, shoulder connected risers.
Large side pockets, huge back container, battery pack mesh sleeve and zipped nose pocket.
And so much more!

Technical Specifications & Colors

Total Harness
size (cm)
Impact Pad
The Sock S2.60 kg150 - 170FlameEN1651 /
NfL 2-565-20
35 G
The Sock M2.75 kg165 - 185AzurEN1651 /
NfL 2-565-20
35 G
The Sock L2.90 kg180 - 200LimeEN1651 /
NfL 2-565-20
35 G
The choice of your harness size is important. The chart will help you to choose but we recommend that you try the harness at one of our dealers.
50 kg55 kg60 kg65 kg70 kg75 kg80 kg85 kg90 kg95 kg100+ kg*
150 cmSSSS
155 cmSSSSS
195 cmLLLLLL
200 cmLLLLL

* Maximum equipped pilot weight 120kg

The sock – #KeepYourSockOn package


  • Edelrid Foras Carabiners
  • Inflatable AirPillow Protector
  • Superlight Rescue Risers
  • Inflating / Packing bag
  • 3-Step Speedbar