Le Slip 2 – #neverchangeyourslip

Le Slip was the first harness developed by AirDesign and our motto was #neverchangeyourSlip. Well, only fools and dead men don’t change their minds.

Le Slip 2, wear it before flight

The true story of the original Le Slip

“What did I say that was so funny?” My girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing. She asked me with her beautiful French accent: “Do you know what Slip means in French?” “Nope” I said. “Well it’s a type of underwear my dear so when you said that you would never change your Slip… you basically said you would never change your underwear!” I could see her smile growing again.

“Hey I’m not talking about some nondescript underwear here, I’m talking about the Slip, or should I say le Slip, a must-have to feel naked in the air and on earth”. We had just reached our improvised takeoff and I offered her to try it. She looked at the minuscule harness and put it on. Once ready to leave the ground, she looked at me suddenly less fierce and asked: “Olala this is so light, looks like fine lingerie!” Few minutes later we landed next to the car, she was grinning and said: “oh Hell yeah I would never change that Slip!”

How to describe Le Slip 2 with…

…one word?

…one image?
The look of your friends when you flip it over from its pouch on the take-off

…one dream?
A midnight flight with just Le Slip on!

Designer’s words

Le Slip was originally created for every pilot who wants to lighten his/her backpack with the same spirit that we put in our wings: light, secure and fun. Built in durable materials, it makes you feel at ease for hours of flying and ground-handling. Our lightweight harness comes out of the washing machine in a new version!

What’s new?
More sizes for more pilots (Kid and L are added), lower chest strap for easier take-off, more comfort with more leg support: we want the majority of pilots to feel comfortable whatever their morphology or practice. Le Slip 2 also presents simplified connection points and introduces new user-friendly softlinks named AD Connect. A brand-new accessory clip-on system allows a better coupling with accessories such as the Airbag. Our harness is now certified up to 120kg. You’ve never felt so good in your Le Slip.

In sizes S, M and L, Le Slip 2 comes with AD connect, only 12g each. Le Slip 2 Kid is delivered with Ease Superlight Carabiners.


Construction & Features

Harness weight
without connectors
Harness weight
with connectors
size (cm)

Le Slip 2 kid140 g185 g (Edelrid Ease)120 - 140FunNfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
Le Slip 2 S220 g245 g (AD Connect)150 - 170FlameNfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
Le Slip 2 M245 g270 g (AD Connect)165 - 185AzurNfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
Le Slip 2 L275 g300 g (AD Connect)180 - 200LimeNfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
Le Slip-fit-concept: 3D shaping that must be as comfy as your own underwear
Light and robust materials
Two position back seat adjustment
Easy and safe clip-in system. Can be put on like underwear, or opening it if used with skis, crabs…
Easy stand-sit movement thanks to the structure given by Nitinol rods
Integrated inside-out folding mesh: you’ll never lose it and it can carry stuff in flight
Clever accessory connection system, and clever accessories

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