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Pierre-Antoine participates in his first PWC with the Volt 4… and he smashed it!

When you think of PWC, you can only imagine CCC gliders and epic races. But when it comes to #speedmachine, well, haven’t we released the first EN-C two-liner on the market? This summer, Pierre-Antoine Durand was selected to participate in his first world cup in Aksaray, Turkey and made good use of his Volt 4.

During one week, 120 pilots faced strong wind, high altitude and hot terrain during seven tasks (74 km, 85 km, 91 km, 84 km, 80.5 km, 94 km and 78.4 km), Pierre-Antoine finished 86th overall and first in the sport class (that counted ten valiant pilots). By reaching the goal 4 times and finishing 56th in the 4th task, Pierre-Antoine really achieved an amazing performance with his Volt 4. Congrats PAD!

He told us: “Last year, a bit by chance and without any real ambition for a ranking, I signed up for the British Open at Le Grand Bornand with friends. A good 47th place allowed me to obtain a K, an essential letter to have a chance of being selected in PWC. Without really believing it, I registered for 2 or 3 stages of the World Cup. It was more for fun, but when I received a selection email, I was not kidding anymore! I started to wonder: “What should I do? Am I going to play the tourist in the middle of the top pilots?!?”

Why not? Some of my friends from the league team who were also registered were planning to go… So, we took out the credit card!
Well, I didn’t regret my decision! It took me… 8 days of sunshine that allowed me to discover this grandiose site and its volcano, in all directions.

The wind sometimes made some tasks complicated, but we really had a blast with the views and the atmosphere was great with a good group of Frenchies gathered without consultation in the same residence.

In short, this first World Cup was an extraordinary and enriching experience under my little racing machine which did great in the middle of the Formulas 1!”

Photo credit: Anna Berger, Özlem Çalışkan, Pierre-Antoine Durand.