AD Connect


Connect yourself!
Soft-Link connectors are interesting for the weight saving, but also because they always work in the good direction and they’re adapted to all webbing widths (unlike carabiners). AirDesign made them as robust as they are easy to use.

Sold in pairs, one red one lime


Additional information

Weight: 12g
Length open: 170mm
Material: Dyneema / Aluminum
Max load: 18kN
Recommended use: Max 5 years or 500h (check condition regularly)


It’s easy, but you should be careful as you’ll be holding up your life to it. Pull back the neoprene sleeve. Push the toggle through the loop. Confirm that it’s 100% through by twisting it 90°. Push the neoprene sleeve back.

We recommend to keep the toggles behind the risers, and as close as possible to the harness loops (to avoid the risk of catching lines).

You’re ready to fly!

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