Airbag Le Slip 2


Le Slip still has its own diaper! Bottom and lumbar protection – our two-chamber technology ensures the best cushion for both areas. It now holds additional adjustable sliders for a tighter and more stable connection with Le Slip 2 and its pilot. It is compatible with Le Slip 1, and still compatible with flying with a rucksack. Made in strong D210 ripstop fabric and Nitinol rod.


Additional information

Its weight: 280g.
Certified at 22G! (The top-certification limit for protectors -acceleration- is 50G. Very few protectors get results so close to 20G. So… our airbag is a pretty good protector, oh hell yeah!).
The kit (Le Slip, Airbag) weighs below 500g!
N°: MISC_193-2021 – CE 101320601/OE

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