In flight: The Cockpit is designed to accommodate a maximum of instruments and offer a large dashboard. It simply attaches using Velcro to the harness.
A removable sun visor improves the visibility of the screens. Openings allow the passage of power cables from your external battery while there is a loop to secure your instruments.

On the ground: The interior compartments allow you to store instruments and protect them effectively thanks to the two molded shells.
The mounting system folds and an ergonomic handle transforms your cockpit into a very elegant little case. Let’s go for a cocktail!

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Additional information

Dimensions: 34cm x 14cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 250g
Connecting Velcros: 8cm x 20cm

The ideal accessory for adding to the Sock and the Sock Superlight harnesses, it can also be used with other harnesses (Velcro fasteners dimensions: 8cm x 20cm).

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