Superlight rescue risers


Whether you’d have to use ‘em or not, they are so light that you can forget them. Strong dyneema split lines, so you can loop them both sides (rescue side, harness connection side) and avoid unnecessary addtional connectors. The tandem spreaders are delivered with a 30cm UV protective sleeve so they don’t get sunburns. And they are certified, way over what the norm requires. Fly safe!

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Additional information

Solo risers: 150cm – 50g / pair
Tandem risers: 220cm – 75g / pair
Maximum all up weight: 240kg

Certification Solo: EN 1651, EN12491, NfL 2-565-20: Air Turquoise MISC_220.2022
Certification Tandem: EN 1651, EN12491, NfL 2-565-20: Air Turquoise MISC_221.2022

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