On the occasion of the presentation of the Loco at the Stubaicup, interview with designer Stephan Stiegler

What is the Loco?
The Loco is my latest crazy invention! It could be presented as the son of SuSi and Volt, a combination of the Volt 4 2-liner concept which provides performance, stability and maximum speed with the simplicity and the handling of the SuSi. Simply said, it is a 2-liner SuSi.

So, why did you make such a wing?
Actually, because we could!

What is it for?
We don’t know *laughing*
The Loco is the fastest glider we ever made. The top end-speed reaches 70km/h (full bar full load,) which is insane, fast and stable at the same time. And the gliding is not bad either.

And how does it fly then?
Well, not much different to a SuSi actually. Starting is very simple, it got an agile handling and thermals also well. In the air it is rock-solid. Performance is a big step up.
In general, it feels similar flying a Susi – in addition you always have this certain speed addiction.

But I doubt this one has a certification, or?
Here comes the point… We certified the Loco within the EN-C, using folding lines to provoke the collapses.
Despite the wing is very small and with massive overloading, it went straight through the certification process.

What sizes do you offer?
We only made one size in 16m² (flat surface), certified EN-C from 60 to 90kg, it has passed the EN-926-1 certification (schock- and loadtest) up to 120kg.
The idea behind this project was to explore what is possible to achieve, using the 2-liner concept and we did not really have a precise idea for what we are making it. We just did it.
But believe me… just flying full speed all the time is really insane with this glider. Means the name of the wing hits it perfectly – it’s crazy – LOCO.
I will personnaly use it for hike&fly. Others may use it for “Dolomitenman” or other outdoor speed competitions. Other pilots will just fly that fast around for fun or for swooping, soaring, and thermalling… which is great as well.

Does the Loco have any disadvantage?
Yes, we are having the same problem continuously. If I lend the glider to any friend, I never got it back. Take care to whom you give it! 😀

Loco – #wackyracer

© Photos: Michel Ferrer (Team) – Erwin Voogt (Paragliding)