What do the Vivo 2, LiVi and RONIN have in common? Well, their promotional films were released this fall… and they are spectacular! Fancy a movie? Let’s go!

Are you more of an action film or a contemplative film? classic double surface glider or single surface that goes fast? In any case, we have something to delight your pupils! On the program, the LiVi film, shot in the Ecrins, with superheroes that would make the latest Marvel looking lame in comparison. Then, the little gem of poetry featuring the Vivo 2 and our team pilot Agnès Gorgues for grandiose aerial silks sequences. And finally, a first movie, directed by the promising Kilian Moni and Thimothée Nitschke, which makes you want to run in the mountains with the RONIN.

Good movies!