An isolated case of a Line-Loop failure has been observed during a SIV manoeuver on a glider produced back in 2018 (with around 300 hours of flight).

Some of the loops on this glider were presenting visible damage on their edges, leading to low resistance. As a precaution, we are asking pilots flying following gliders produced in 2018 with the serial numbers ending between P183912A and P184417A to carefully inspect all their glider’s connecting loops.

This visual inspections concern several 2018 Eazy 2, Eazy 2 Superlight, SuSi 3, Vita 2, Vita 2 Superlight, Rise 3 and Volt 3.

– Should you find a similar damage as shown on the picture, you should immediately stop flying the glider and contact your dealer or AirDesign at specifying the glider’s serial number, the estimated number of hours flown, and mentioning which loops are concerned (line plans are downloadable at, and share pictures.

– Should you have any doubt, we recommend you to bring your gliders to your dealer or to the nearest check center for further loop inspection and information.

Fly Safe,
AirDesign GmbH