At the end of 2023, we put online a web page presenting the interest of a real small size for light pilots wishing to equip themselves with a paraglider (and not a hot air balloon). Our campaign on the networks generated a lot of reactions and testimonials, here are a few…

“I fly an XXS Eazy 2 and I LOVE It – was steered to AD by my school as they said you were the best for tiny pilots as your wings are actually suited to rather than simply safe for smaller pilots. Thank you for thinking of us! #SmallButMighty”


“Got an XS Soar recently upon recommendation by an instructor as I’m pretty small – that thing puts a grin on my face every flight! It’s fast, agile, can land in tight spots – it’s the first B+ wing I’ve flown that feels like it’s made for my size. Super happy so far.”


“I only have a take-off weight of 48 kg, so I can tell you a thing or two about it. Before AirDesign, I just had wings that were way too big.”


“That’s why I fly AirDesign wings! They are made for light weight pilots, thx AD!”

@Sława Seghers

AirDesign has a small one