Fourth of its name, but first of its kind, the Volt 4 is the first EN-C two-liner on the market and it’s impossible to feel indifferent about it. Little by little, the press, the pros, and the enthusiasts give their verdict and they are unanimous. Selected pieces:

– “Hot stuff! I fly every day in Ager at the moment with the student instructors and I’m ahead of the Zeno and the other Ds on the training tasks. It’s fun and performs very well!!” Julien Mathis, paragliding instructor, Virevolte, Pyrénées.

-“Flying different C gliders over the years made me feel a bit suspicious about a 2 line design… I thought in my pragmatic head that manufacturers will release a 2 line design for marketing purposes and in my hard-headed mind, imagined that in strong air it would be quite snaky and probably difficult to maintain a 6.5 AR with C certification…

Hmmmmm, I was TOTALLY wrong…And still learning…” Ziad Bassil, compulsive tester, Dust of the Universe, Lebanon.

– “The Volt 4 raises the level of glide performance of sport XC wings. It will inevitably be one of the wings to consider for XC pilots with ambitious goals. Its behavior in flight and and outside the normal flight envelope complies with the EN-C category but also and above all with the idea that we have of this category. AirDesign has managed to innovate without sacrificing its DNA, it’s remarkable.” Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag, Certika, Grand-Bornand.

Volt 4 – #speedmachine